Educational failure is not uncommon in students with high intellectual ability who struggle to succeed at school or who feel ostracized or rejected by their peer group. In disadvantaged social settings giftedness is often masked by socio-economic shortcomings or even by the low expectations of educational centres themselves. The purpose of the STEAM Stars project is to design innovative methods and pedagogies to provide more challenging and motivating exercises and methods for gifted and talented students. The project will also train teachers to recognize giftedness and address the unique needs of gifted and talented students.

The aim of STEAM Stars is to design OER digital learning materials and tools in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) for gifted students. The project will develop the STEAM Stars Open CAMPUS, a multilingual ICT based training hub and platform which includes different elements of open education and innovation based on digital technologies. This includes an Online Instructional Guide on Digital Competencies for Virtual Learning and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) addressed to schoolteachers, trainers and non-formal and informal educators.

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‘STEAM’ is globally used to indicate engagement of the arts or art‐practices (sometimes encompassing the liberal arts; humanities and social sciences) with STEM subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

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  • Newsletter #2 April 2022
    The second newsletter from the STEAM Stars project discussing STEAM in the context of a global pandemic, the Comfort Dividend and the project National Expert Group.
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    We are currently recruiting National Expert Groups in each of the partner countries for the project
  • Newsletter #1 March 2021
    The first newsletter from the STEAM Stars project detailing work on I01, team meetings and opportunities for involvement in the project.